Friday, June 1, 2012


So day 5, yea, I'm thinking I should feel different by now.  but maybe it's because I've been eating clean before this, maybe it's because it's getting to be that time and I'm feeling bloated, or maybe it's just going to take longer. who knows.  So I almost forgot to update today, I got all busy, sitting here watching the walking dead.  i can't believe A&E gets away with that graphic of stuff on cable. whew, it's bloody. All these crazy attacks makes you wonder if the zombie apocalypse is at hand ; ) Now if something was going to happen, I'm sure it wouldn't be resurrected dead coming to eat our flesh, but maybe some biological agent causing mad case of rabies or something.  It's possible, not necessarily probable, but possible.  I'm not going to lie, I'm looking into getting a gun : P let's just say if this bath salt or whatever else crazy drug can cause some of the things we've seen of late, well better safe than sorry if some crazy druggie tries to break into my house.

So now onto a lighter note, my day!  well I started off with some vegan french toast..not bad but syrup would have been awesome : ( boo for bad foods tasting so good!

for my snack I had some strawberry soy yogurt.  I hate normal yogurt, but let me yogurt just tastes purely like fruit.  it's so good!  I totally got coffee this morning and forgot all about it.  it sat up at the front desk at work until like noon before I realized I forgot about it. lol. 

For lunch I had a tasty baby spinach, strawberry, and sunflower seed salad. 

when I got home from work I had a banana, then went for a 2.5 mile run.  I have a love/hate relationship with running.  I hate doing it, but i love that I CAN do it.  I'll be excited to get back into a gym though and take some classes at eastern, it gets lonely working out alone, and it's not easy staying motivated sometimes.  But I gotta do it!  So for my afternoon snack I had some carrots, mini sweet peppers and oooohhh yyyeeaaaa HUMMUS!
For dinner I made amaranth with a tomato, spinach, and mushroom sauce.  Now this is my first time cooking amaranth.  It's like baby quinea : P  but it seems like it takes longer to cook and I'm not sure I like it as much as quinea. I didn't notice too much of a taste difference, but because of the size the amaranth was harder. 
So that was day 5 in a nutshell, along with some other thoughts i had today.  I do know one thing that will unfortunately keep me from being vegan full time...eating out!!  It's a nice time that I have with my family and unfortunately because I live so far away from any restaurant that would make anything vegan aside from a salad, there are no options to eat out : (  it saddens me, but I love the time with my husband and with my son where we get to splurge and enjoy a nice meal outside the house.  so this weekend and next will be a difficult forfeit of eating out time, but I shall carry on! s for me, I'm signing off! good night, sleep tight, and don't let the crazies bite!!!

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