Monday, June 11, 2012

WEEK 2 DAY 7!!! and ending thoughts

So sunday was my last day of my 2 week vegan challenge.  Not a lot happened sunday.  I decided since I had 2 rest days this week that I would workout too. so after work I did the cassey and val ab challenge a couple times, then I did the bootyful challenge, along with the bikini blaster arms!  I also did some HULA HOOPING!!!  I am quite good at hula hooping so I thought I would see if I could do it through a whole episode of Frazier, and I totally did!  22 minutes of nonstop hula hoop!! go me!  so that was kind of my last day!

Now here's some things I noticed.  I noticed that I was eating more carbs, I also noticed I was eating a lot more fruit, which can be very sugary.  I gained a couple of pounds, which I have heard can be due to my body getting used to the extra intake of soy. I'm not sure what to attribute it to, but I know that I didn't like it.  If the couple of pounds had been from muscle I wouldn't really mind but I don't think it was.  I was not feeling as good and clean and in shape and I had a hard time with it.  I did get to eat out a couple of times, thanks to Destihl for making me a dish and i ate steamed veggies and a portabello cap at the stadium last week.  but obviously my options were even more limited than when I normally eat out and try to be healthy.  I'm glad that I went through this experience because it gave me a lot of insight and definitely way more respect(i already had a lot but dang!) for those of you who are vegan 24/7/365!  It takes a lot of time to prep nice meals and lots of planning ahead and damn if i didn't spend a shit ton of money(probably because it is a small area and so some items are either unavailable or hella expensive) not to mention healthy food seems to cost more.  I know some of you will argue with me about that, but let's be honest here, when a double cheeseburger is a dollar and a salad is $6, there's not much arguing there.  grocery stores aren't much better.  fresh fruit and produce are way more expensive than a can!  not that I want anything from a can, fruit and produce are most always bought fresh here : )  But as for the time issue.  I spent a lot of time up later than I wanted trying to prepare my meals for the next day, and by the second week I was very tired of spending so much time doing that!  I work 2 jobs and have a family with a 5 year old that has his own schedule so it's very hard to give up that extra time I had to take for my meal prep.  I don't really know what else to say other than props to you all who do this as a lifestyle, but for me, it's not a commitment I'm ready to make right now and I didn't feel any different than when I was just eating clean.  So it's over and I'm so happy to get back to my regular meals!  Thanks to everyone who read my updates, makes me feel better to know I'm not just talking to myself ; P  Also side note I found hilarious, I had anywhere from 4-7 views per post, except for the post that talked about body waxing...that post had 33 views!! lmao...sorry i found that interesting!!!  So thank you again for coming on this journey with me!!!!

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