Monday, June 4, 2012

WEEK 2 DAY 1 and will I continue?!?!?!

Breakfast this morning was a little unclear on the meal plan, I wasn't sure exactly if anything was mixed together or not, it was just alist of ingredients(oats, protein powder, psyhllium husk, banana, strawberries).  so I mixed the oats, powder, husk and water and then added in sliced banana and strawberries. not too shabby.  For my morning snack I had protein pancakes with some peanut butter(still had trouble getting these to cook normally, they just want to stick and be weird.
I did a great total body workout today, did most of the bikini blasters and some other stuff.  my calves are still sore from leg day on saturday but I pushed through.  for lunch I had edemame and quinoa salad.  Then I took my son to his swim lesson at the Y and got in some weights and cardio before going to work.  I had carrots and mini peppers with hummus for a snack.  For dinner I had smoked apple and sage grain sausages with sweet potato and apple mash. 

got my workout calendar from the blogilates newsletter today. woot woot! so now I don't have to make up my own.  I'll give it a go and see how I like it! 
So for the past couple of days I haven't really felt great.  I've felt bloated, I've gained a couple pounds, and was just feeling very unsure of how well this vegan diet was for me.  Well I dont really know what was going on, maybe just having rough days, but I was feeling great today.  I got 2 good workouts in and maybe that's part of the difference.  So for now, I will continue on with the challenge.  Hopefully the past couple days were a fluke and the rest of this week will be just as great as today!  So off to bed I go!!!  goodnight all!

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