Sunday, June 3, 2012


Alright so sorry I'm not getting this posted until now but saturdays are usually busy : ) So I started off with the vegan green monster smoothie's like the overnight oats I had earlier this week.  It wasn't too bad but man I had a huge problem with the mashed banana.  It isn't pleasant but it doesn't usually bother me as badly as it did yesterday. It was just too slimy and was making me gag. 

For my morning snack I had peach soy yogurt..mmmm!

For my lunch I had a baby spinach, falafel, and hummus salad.  I ate it on the way to my son's tball game and so I was in a huge hurry.  I think it tasted ok, lol.  I ate it pretty quickly in the car.
So hip hip hooray for tball!  It was a little cool out yesterday, but the kids still had fun.  here's a couple of pictures of my little monkey on the field and then us after the game

After the tball game I did some awesome leg work!  so awesome that by the end of it only stopped because my legs wouldn't support me anymore lol.  i was in the middle of my lunges when my legs gave out and I fell over!  Now that's a good workout!!! I'm not extremely sore today but i know I had a good workout.  so after my workout(and a shower) I had my afternoon snack of peanut butter toast(I was out of bananas so I couldn't put any on my toast, boo)
so my girls at the salon and I went to dinner and a movie last night(chernobyl diaries is awful, dont go see it! lol)  we had dinner and so I had a portabello burger with no bun and some steamed veggies.  It's slim pickin's for sure.  I was still hungry and both of my coworkers got amazing looking desserts, but I resisted don't worry! 
so busy day, but still good!

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