Sunday, June 3, 2012

WEEK 1 DAY 7 and reflecting on week 1.

So final day of week 1!  Sunday my husband and I usually like to go out to breakfast at our regular spot, but not this week(or next).  Little sad, but I'll survive!  So I'll go through my day and then I'm going to reflect a little on this week and how I'm feeling. For breakfast I had vegan french toast
Then we went out to see my mom and stepdad and help them unload some stuff into the house they are renting while their new home is being rennovated and added onto.  for my midmorning snack I had half a grapefruit and some almonds.  For lunch I had some asparagus and tofu stir fry and a peanut butter and banana sandwich.
for my snack I had an apple and some almonds and for dinner we fired up the grill and I had some vegan grain smoked apple sage sausage with some mustard and baby spinach, some bell peppers, and strawberries.  delicious!!

So week 1 is over, how am i feeling?  well, i shouldn't say "fatter" but that seems to be the word I'm feeling right now.  I have gained a few pounds this week and I'm feeling like my belly is distented and not nice and tight or toned.  I'm not really getting it...maybe it's all the fruit?  or you know, my best guess is all the carbs!  holy cow it seems like there's carbs in everything that I eat when there is no meat, dairy, or eggs in a diet.  I know that I am by no means round, but that's what I'm feeling like right now, especially in the mid section : (  I don't feel like this diet has been very clean.  I've been following most everything on the meal plan aside from a few times where I makeshifted a meal, but I just feel bogged down and heavy.  i do enjoy the foods and I'm sure that some of the recipes will continue to get thrown into my diet now and again, but I just don't like the way I'm feeling right now.  I don't feel healthy and I don't feel fit.  I'm pretty sure that a few of the layers of fat I ate so clean to get rid of are now back on.  I am going to eat through tomorrow, but if I am still feeling this way then I'm not sure if I will continue onto finish the 2 weeks.  When I wasn't restricting whole food groups and just eating clean, I felt like I was getting somewhere, i felt like everything was working together and i felt good about it.  This is a very sad realization because I was so excited thinking that this would be a great opportunity and challenge for me but sometimes it just isn't that way I guess. 

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