Sunday, June 10, 2012

WEEK 2 DAY 5 & 6

Friday and Saturday! aaah the weekend again..the time to dread all of the eating decisions you make or don't make and the most likely time to give in to temptation!  It was a hard weekend, very busy, lots of things to do and get done, less time to exercise and make food! 

Friday I was feeling a bit sluggish because it was my second day of not working out, due to time and the fact that my laptop was still "in surgery"  Never you fear, my laptop is fixed now, YAY!!!  Friday I started off my day with some vegan french toast and strawberries
For my midmorning snack I had some almonds and soy yogurt
For lunch I had a baby spinach salad with strawberries and sunflower seeds and for my midafternoon snack I had a bowl of granola with some unsweetened almond milk.  For dinner, we went out as a family to Destihl.  This is a cool place to go, it's a restaurant but also a brewery!  very neat, and they have plenty of options that change when it comes to beer and the best part?  They have different sizes!! so you can try a flavor or if you want a little something but don't want the calories of a full 12 ounces, they have 4 oz cups!!!
We went here because I have been here with a couple of my vegan friends and i remember them having a few options along with something the chef whipped up special.  Now I was really worried when I asked what their vegan options were and they said, the veggie burger without the bun and that's it.  Our waiter asked the manager who, was kind of rude.  he came over and said that they change chefs a lot and not every chef is equip with the knowledge of how to make a dish like that(which I told him I completely understand) along with the fact that they can't just whip up a dish special for one person.  Now I had told the waiter, and I told the manager that I realized that and didn't want to cause any inconvenience I just remembered how accommodating the menu was to my vegan friends on my last visit and that's why we chose to go there.  The waiter talked to the chef who had no problem making me something(yay!)  I guess it was just the tone the manager had with me, as if he wished to knock me down a peg or two for thinking I was special.  I was more than gracious and thankful to the waiter and told him to pass that along the the chef, I don't feel like I asked for special treatment, the waiter suggested he ask the chef and I said that would be great if he didn't mind.  anyway, here is the tasty dinner I had!

Here's a picture of my little handsome man at our family dinner.  he got a huge big pizza to himself and then he got a rootbeer float for dessert!!! 
we had a nice time friday evening!!  Now onto saturday.....all I can really tell you is that it was a crazy busy day!! i didn't take any food pictures, but i did get my laptop back later friday evening so I got a goooooood bikini blaster-a-thon workout in!  I was sweating like a prostitute at sunday service!!! woo! but I felt great and back on schedule again!  That's really about all for saturday.  we went to see one of our favorite local bands that evening and had a blast!  i think that's all for those days!! so tomorrow will be my last post and I will talk about finishing up my challenge and my thoughts on the whole thing : )

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