Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WEEK 2 DAY 2 and a look at body waxing ; )

And what a day it was!  So busy!  Got up and took connor to the sitter, went to effingham to see my girl Elaine.  got my monthly pedicure and finally broke down and got the torture of a brazilian over with.  I've been doing my own bikini for a while, but damn if I haven't worked hard to look good in a bikini this year to let it be ruined by body hair.  I do bikini and brazilian waxing so I know what I'm in for....basically.  btw, because everyone asks me...no I don't mind doing these waxes.  in fact, if I could do bikini waxes all day, I would totally go for it.  They take like 5-10 minutes and are super easy to do.  brazilians take longer and aren't my favorite, but still a good service to offer. but back to the story...So the only person I trust to be doing that would be Elaine.  Here's a pic of us in cosmetology school(seems like forever ago...and man do I miss my blonde hair!)
haha, I just realized i have that exact shirt on right now.  I'm awesome : P  So anyway, yea I will definitely keep up with it because it will be too uncomfortable to have to start over, but I was not sore or anything, which surprised me! Maybe it was all the tylenol I was taking today but the bits of pain during the process seemed to be the only pain.  So yea, hope you were ready for that personal look into my life ; )  anyway, basically today was crazy busy, for some reason youtube wasn't playing sound earlier and so I didn't get my workout in.  I looked at some houses with a realtor then came home, made my food for tonight and decided that I am so worn down I needed a nap....so i laid down for 30 minutes....didn't help much.  I was NOT feeling well and definitely not wanting to go to work tonight.  It is what I like to call my "fat week"  which is where i give in to my cravings of salt or chocolate here and there because well...I just keep hoping it will please my uterus into giving me a break. 

I was so just blah today that there are no pictures of food, but I can give you a rundown.  I had overnight oats for breakfast. Strawberries and almonds for a snack.  tvp, mushrooms, and sweet potato for lunch(which i only ate a little of and then ate a cookie....or 3*hangs head in shame*).  for afternoon snack I had asparagus soup, which was not as good as the last time I made it.  I think it needs more vegetable stock...I was just out of it today and not feeling like cooking at all so who knows what I did differently.  and I had a falafle salad with baby spinach, onion, and grape tomatoes.  now let me just tell you that apparently falafels are not settling well with me.  I had this problem saturday but wasn't sure what it was, but since that was my last meal today, it helped me pinpoint it.  my stomach just doesn't like them I guess : ( which stinks because they are good.   Now , tired from work and just emotional and irritated, I kicked my ass into gear and worked out!! yay me!!!! like 9:45 at night, and I skipped my bikini blaster 1 workout, but I got in the bootyful challenge, some abs, obliques, and muffintops, and of course my stretching.  it wasn't a full hour, but YAY ME for trying!!!  I'm so proud that even that late and after such a long day and being worn out and not feeling well that something inside me just took over and made me do it!!!  maybe it was my ass reminding me of the cookies but it's done, and so is my update for the day.  I have a long day again tomorrow, followed by a long rest of the week so I'm going to have some sleepytime tea followed by how i met your mother and then bed!!! goodnight all!

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