Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So today is my husband and I's 2 year anniversary. he had to work all day and I had to go to work as soon as he got home : (  of course a few minutes with each other is more than last year when we didn't see each other at all. well hopefully next year we can get in some more time : P  So anyway, I decided that my anniversary gift to myself would be to relax and do as little as possible.  I cooked my food and did some abs but other than that I relaxed on my couch until I had to go to work.  So here is my food diary for the day.  Breakfast I had my overnight oats with banana and chia seed
It was a different experience eating cold oatmeal...it tasted fine, just threw me off a bit.  Then for my mid morning snack I had some sliced strawberries and almonds..mmmmmmm

Then I decided that I would get my workout and cooking in so I could enjoy what I had left of the day.  So I did some abs and had my protein shake.  Then for lunch I had some TVP with chopped portabello mushroom with some low sodium soy sauce and hot sauce, with some baby spinach on the side.  This was my first experience with TVP and I have to admit it wasn't bad!
for my afternoon snack I had some "cream" of asparagus soup.  Wow it was so delicious!!  The recipe called for 2 tsp of hot sauce but I think it could have 1 and be just fine.  Don't get me wrong, I like hot sauce but i felt that much took away from the great flavor of the rest of the soup.

For dinner I had some falafles(spelling? lol)  with a sweet potato and apple mash and some corn. 
well since it's my anniversary I thought I would make something sweet for my 6th meal.  So I made some vegan chocolate chip cookies.  I replaced the cane sugar with beet sugar and used carob chips instead of chocolate chips.  The beet sugar is sweet, but not a sicky sweet like too much sugar.  Very good!
Tomorrow I have some good stuff in store! I'm excited especially for lunch!!  So I've got my food prepped and ready to cook for tomorrow morning to take to work. My day is done, so goodnight all!

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