Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So day 3, my first day with the vegan challenge that I worked all day, which is actually good because it kept me from being bored and snacking away.  even if it was fruits and veggies, I'm sure I was snacking a little too much at home yesterday.  So anyway, my day did not start off fabulous.  My breakfast of protein pancakes was messed up for some reason.  They weren't cooking right and they seemed like almost geletin-ey like in the middle. 
It didn't seem like they were edible so I just threw them out and had half a banana and some blackberries for breakfast.  anyway, for my snack I had half a grapefruit with some stevia and some almonds

For lunch I had a tofu and asparagus stir fry, however my tofu didn't quit get all of the water out.  It wasn't terrible but I didn't eat it all. I'm sure if the tofu was right then it would have been great, the rest of the stir fry was delicious. 
for my afternoon snack I had some mini sweet peppers, a carrot, and some pine nut hummus. it was absolutely delicious! but as my boss Stacey so kindly pointed out, requires gum after eating : P
For dinner I had a sun dried tomato and basil veggie burger with half an avocado on an ezekiel bun...i was hungy and forgot to take a picture before a dug in so excuse my bite marks : P
all in all, I had to adapt to some minor glitches today but still a successful day 3!

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